number board text is back to front


The text on my number board is back to front.
this is the original texture.

This is my result.

Ive tried turning the UW and flipping normals but nothing works

Heres my blend file. i hope i packed my images well.

select the uvs and hit s x -1 enter

The blend you posted looks nothing like the scrteenshot.

That doesn’t work either. I tried exactly what you said, but just nothing happens.

Post a blend that matches your screen shot.

hers the whole file

There’s something really bizarre going on with this, and I can’t troubleshoot it right now, these steps will work though.

select the kenteken
ctrl a location
ctrl a rotation
ctrl a scale

tab into edit mode
a to select all verts

shift s, cursor to selected (move the cursor to the center of your mesh)
tab into object mode
tools menu on left, set origin, origin to 3-d cursor

hit s x -1 enter to mirror flip it.

Thank you so much. It worked. i cant say how happy i am. Do you think i messed up with the selecting origin. Because ive been having alot of problems with it ( because i dont understand it well enough).


There’s something going on, for example moving the uvs has no effect whatsoever. They are not pinned. I’m not sure, and I can’t really look at it now. Is there maybe some hidden vertices? that might explain it. Also when feeding an image texture to a bsdf (like diffuse) it should be set to ‘color data’, instead of ‘non color data’ and many of your objects have flipped normals (you can see the weird dark shading?) good luck!!!