Number of members

I have been watching the number of member rise on this forum. I think that is great. Welcome. :slight_smile:

About 607 in the 2 months. 2146 in the last 6 months. 4610 in the last year. 8095 in the last 2 years.

And when I have checked there seems to be about 1/3 members and 2/3 guests.

All of which means Super Wu Man is approaching cult status around the globe โ€ฆ :smiley:

It also means we desperately need to see another episode of Wu zannyiness soon or there will be widespread rioting :smiley:

Next time Wu makes a video its gonna be from behind Bars.

Hes in Blenderartists prison for sending nude pics of himself to moderators PM boxes.


Let spanking fall greatly upon his behind.

Maybe he was just trying to prove that heโ€™s real. :wink:


well it was all photoshoped in, so i dunno if he succeded.

lol . . . only the teeth were real, huh?

BTW: Is that a misspelling, or did you just invent a new word? Definition from future dictionary:
suckeeded - (suck + succeed) 1. to have mastered the art of failure.

Back on topic - Is it just me, or do those numbers suggest that the increase has tapered off lately? Maybe itโ€™s the busy holiday season . . .