Number of open views

i like to work with 4 viewports:p

is it possible to have another one to work with the script:eek: :confused:

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I don’t really get that…you can easily have 4 viewports by hovering over the “line” separating the viewports, right click and hit “Split Areas”. Do that as many times as you want (or your computer wants…).

And obviously you can also have two script windows open at the same time…

But I might have missed your point.

i tough that no more than 4 views could be created on the screen

OK you right you can make as many as you wish !

when you go to full screen CTRL up is there a way to have only 1/2 a screen instead of a 100 % full screen with any of the viewport ?

is there a button somewhere on the viewport to go to full screen instead of using CTRL up and down?


Check this out to get an idea of the limits to adding viewports in Blender.


i’v uploaded the file and can see a lot of Top view - but not much explanation :eek:

Need more claification:D

does this means that each top is a viewport :confused:

how do you get a viewport with no bottom header:confused:

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Hi, you can customize the Blender Viewports next to the help menu.
Where it says SR:2-Model use the pulldown and click Add new, then you can add many different custom Viewports. This is one of the first things I do when I install Blender. Typicaly I split the screen and save the following: Fullscreen, Twoway, Threeway, Fourway and save the new settings with Ctrl/U (save user defaults). I also save a few other layouts to suit my different workflows. That way you can save many Viewports and have easy access to them all through that menu.
This saves much time instead of manually moving the Veiwport parts around each time you want to open scripts or customize your layout.

There’s an description, in the left panel, of why I created that layout. They are all viewports. To hide the Header Bar of a viewport, right-click on it and select No Header.

Here’s a tutorial that may help.


but why have a screen full of open viewports in the first place ?


…it is just an example of the extreme degree of flexibility that’s available with the viewport concept…

That example is not meant to be functional.
An example of a functional layout might be this, where I split the views so to see all the sides of my car at once.

Everyone of these views you see can be made to be anything you want, from a button window, to an IPO window to a Node Editor window… you just have to choose from the list you can open by clicking on the leftmost icon on each header.

In this case I have 4 3D views, a button window with header (bottom left) and one without an header (bottom right), 'cause I don’t need it there (to remove the header, right click on it and choose No Header).

This is a functional layout, but it’s functional to me. You might have other needs and might have to need other windows showing. Just remember, you are free to arrange them as you prefer.