Number of polys

Hi everyone, please can you tell me, how many polygons i must use, if I want to have about 50-60fps? For example, StalkerSOCH is using (in some scenes) about 1-1,5 milions polygons and fps rate is pretty good. So how much maximum of polygons i can use??(now, I have about 60 000)

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if your game is for your use only, I guess that you could try to reach the same amount as the one you mention…
Now, if you want to share your game with other people ( ex: me) 70 000 its a good number ( no GLSL of course)!

There’s no real hard limit on how many polygons your game can handle. It depends a lot on what happens to the polygons, how many polygons are in view at once, any light/shadow calculations being done.

Instead I would set poly limits for each individual object, maybe something like 4,000 triangles for a player model, and then set limits for each small object relative to how much you think they will be seen by the viewer. You don’t really want to be looking at the overall scene triangle count, since it’s very variable and doesn’t tell you much. Make sure your UVmaps occupy as much of the texture space as possible so you’re not wasting video memory, it may also mean you can downsize some textures.

Also I would consider trying to make a level of detail (LOD) system if your framerate starts to go lower. Make some lower quality versions of each model (they don’t have to be too accurate) and then swap out the higher quality models as the camera gets further and further away from it.

Since the 2.5 BGE in the viewport is now as fast as in the Blenderplayer the number of polygons you can have in testing is higher than it was in 2.49.

2.49 also introduced things like occlusion culling that allows you to increase polygon counts by using occluders to make the engine not render objects that aren’t visible, for a long time there’s also been frustum culling which means objects outside the camera view aren’t rendered.

I have run scenes consisting of 60,000 to even 100,000 polygons with physics and logic in place in 2.5 at a smooth 60 FPS with a single Nvidia 8800GT.

i dont know exactly, i use like 100,000 Polys to make an high detailed planet on my game, and it runs with 20-30 FPS, on 2.5 it runs like 60-70 FPS, so i dont know exactly wath is the limit

And can you tell me how to turn on that occlusion culling?(or is it defaultly turned on?)

I believe the occlusion culling option is enabled in the world buttons. But to use it you need to make some invisible boxes set to be occluders (in the logic buttons), then their bounding boxes will be used to hide objects fully behind them.

But to see normal maps and ambient occlusion you need to turn on GLSL?
and i have a reasonably low poly tree, about 2000 poly’s, so i should try limit my scene to about 20-30 of these for a jungle? or because there not interactive i can use many more poly’s?

and if you can help me with this question

how do i show ambient occlusion and my texture? when i put my grass texture on it covered my ambient occlusion.

“about 2000 poly’s” is not reasonable for a tree at all. more like 400-600 polys is more than enough.
20 trees is far from jungle scene. I suggest you to use 100 trees with 400 polys, it’ll look far more realistic.

P.S. Remember, the meaning of GLSL is to make the very low-poly models to look like high poly. So, there is no point to use GLSL over 2000 poly’s tree model. :slight_smile: