Number of Posts

What ever happened to showing how many posts a user had made next to there name in the forums?
I think that it’s rather interesting information and I wanna know how many posts I have made :d

you can check that in your profile, and in the memberslist

I deleted the post count information with the posts for now,… who knows perhaps I may get it back there with the new elYsiun. but I dunno yet

kib_tph, are you gonna code the new elysiun yourself, or are you gonna use phpbb or jive or vbulletin or some other forum system? just curious.

by the way, you were lying! thats simply not true that you can view your post count in the profile panel! or im just blind.

hmm,… I can on the right side, 2nd from the top.

Total posts: 214 etc

In any case, ofcourse I will use phpBB!! I’ve fallen inlove with this piece of software.
A large part of the site will be ‘self programmed’ aswell. Though I am unsure wether or not I’ll be able to get it online before or during the conference.
In any case I would want to launch the new forum. But perhaps new content section will have to wait a bit longer.


i programmed a forum myself, and i didnt find it THAT difficult. the code is messy, but it works fine. sorry i cant tell you where you can find it, but its a forum which is only for the students and staff of my school. damnit!

its in asp, and asp sux…not really, but vbscript does!

EDIT: And I still cant see the amount of posts i got in the profile panel! wtf? do i really need glasses?

I can easily see how many posts other people have by clickingn on there profile, but it doesn’t come up when you click on your onw profile.
You have to log out, then visit your profile, and then log back in again :-?

You can look to the Member list…


i s’pose that works… :-?

no, i can see my posts in my profile

there are actually two profiles per person.

the first is the profile you click on in the menubar at the top of the page.
------> this profile does not contain the number of posts

the second is the profile as you would see somone elses which does contain the number of posts.
------> to get to this click on your name in the most recent post you have written (the orange underlined one)

this should work and i hope it helps some of ya

(i found it out when i couldn’t find my post number either)

On the new elYsiun, postcounts are back!