number on a jersey, bad result


is there a way to improve the texture of the “number” on the body? I have tried to align the vertices in the uv editor, but does it change anything? i am not sure if it is useful, so i have also tried to align the vertices on the mesh, but the number is still streched :

i have tried to add a “square” of vertices in the number area, but the result is still not very good:

Would you have any idea to fix this?


Use the Project from View option for those faces so you don’t get distortion.

In your images the actual mesh shape and the UV unwrap shape are totally different so no wonder you get some distortion.


Thanks a lot, okay it works nice, how could i not have a too big area for the number only? For now, the texture for the whole body is around 100 Ko, and for the number it is 95 Ko. I selected the 8 vertices on the trunk > U > project view from bounds. If i try to click “New” and set “512 x 512” nothing happens, would you know how to do this?

I think that you do need a square grid in this area, but it should be a grid of squares, and of roughly equal size, so that when the shirt moves the numbers also move in a sensible and believable fashion.

If you haven’t UV-unwrapped at least this area of the shirt, I think you should. I’m not myself persuaded that “project from view” is going to be your best long-term solution. After cutting the area into squares as noted, at least select those squares and map them onto the image of the numbers. A texture covering only these numbers can be applied to the shirt along with whatever (separately) provides the cloth look. The source of the numbers should consist only of numbers on a transparent background.