Number selection from a drop down menu

Hi, i apologise in advance if the answer to this question is elsewhere on the forum, but after an hour of searching, i cant find it, so thought i’d ask.

I’m looking to allow the user to to enter a number in a game. This number would then affect how many objects were created, but within preset bands, ie 0-30, 31-60 etc.

How do i go about accepting/processing the number, either as a text input, or selection of preset bands,

and then, how can i cause this to create objects at different empties around the level?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone is able to give,


Im acctually at school right now but I will write you a script asap.

Thank you, i’ve been banging my head against a brick wall with this! Cheers for the help,


Ummm I was thinking about the script and I think it would be easier if I had either the original blend file or an example. Other wise I dont know what I am working with. Also could you describe in more detail what you want to happen?

Hi, sorry for the dalay, been a busy week.

I dont have a .blend at the mo, as i’m trying to work out the issues before i put it all together.

Basically, i’m trying to build a garden landscape designer. (Had a friend who does that work, and while i dont think i’ll suceed, it seemed like a good way to learn a bit about the game engine).

I want the user to be able to enter a number, and then for that number to be stored, and then when layout of plants etc, is being selected from a buttons overlay scene, the number to be recalled, and to place that number of objects (plants/trees etc) at empties around the scene.

It doesnt reallly matter if the exact number is used or just a banding. Ie the user initially enters 13 and this is within 10-20, and so 15 trees are placed.

Sorry this isnt clearer, i’m guilty of not really having a project direction, but am really just enjoying learning about the GE, and finding out about the bits i dont know,

Cheers, Rich