Numeric Highlighting Not Obvious Enough

I keep struggling to tell if numbers are highlighted. The problem seems to be that the highlight colour (grey) is very similar to the background colour (very slightly lighter grey). Please see video for demo…

I tried going into User Preferences and I found how to change colours for “Text Selected” but there are many different settings for all the various parts of the UI. Which one should I change? Is there an easy way to solve this issue? Has anyone else found this to be an issue too? If so, is this a quirk with the default UI that could be improved?

Themes --> User Interface --> Value Slider --> Item

Note that this is BOTH the slider bar and the highlight. You also might want to lighten the “Inner Selected” option, perhaps make it the same value as the “Inner” option.

also there are a few themes in bl
so you could change it and get better contrast

or there are other themes available at bl org.

happy bl