numeric mode

Hello, I am creating a sea scape using a tutorial that used blender version 2.32. The link is At the point where you are trying to mirror the planes together, you use the numeric input screen (n key) tochange the values of size x and size Y. The nkey in 2.44 gives you the transform tool with no size x, size y. I am have trouble finding where to change these values. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tab back into object mode, then the scale will appear.

Maybe you are in the wrong mode at the time you are pressing the NKEY. The Blender “Hot Keys” have different meanings depending on what “Mode” you are in and what is selected at the time. You can change Modes with the TAB Key. Here is a link to a chart that shows all the Hot Keys for Blender. Not sure if it’s the latest one, it was mad for Blender 2.36 but should be mostly OK for you.