Numerical Input for Grab (and others) Not Working

I select the edges, then left-click one of the axises arrows so I enter grab (move) mode. Then if I move the mouse it moves alright, but I can’t seem to enter any numerical values for an exact position adjustment. After entering Grab mode, it won’t respond to any number that I type in the keyboard or even the TAB key. What am I forgetting or what am I doing wrong?

The properties window still works, so I can still use the window buttons to type the exact coordinates to relocate vertex/edges/faces, but I can’t manage to enter values in transformation time for exact transformation input.

what happens if you use the hotkeys? After selecting the edges, try pressing G then the letter of the axis you want (eg X) then enter a number (eg 2) and press Enter.

Genius!! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

what I’ve found is that once you enter grab, you need to use the keypad to enter numeric data…