Numpad doesn't work as supposed to do

I am quite new to Blender and just read in the documentation, that the viewmode in the 3D window can be switched using the numpad (1 -> front etc.), but none of the keys works… except for Num7 which takes me allways to the top-view. All other keys like Num5 (ortho/persp toggle) do nothing. For now I have enabled the numpad-emulation and now the usual 1-9 keys are my replacement for my numpad. But I would REALLY like to use my numpad. I have no laptop. My machine is a standard PC with a standard Microsoft Keyboard. Any idea what is happening here? I am using the latest Blender version. Were the keyboard maybe settings changed in the latest version?

I have no idea what can be the cause of the problem.

Thanks for any help


Press the key called “Num Lock” on your keyboard.

Thanks, this was exactly the solution. Sometimes things are quite simple… or so… :D:D:D