numpad help

numpad keys don’t work for me… i have a mac and the only number keys i can think of are the one’s at the top but ehy don’t work so how to fix this would be appreciated

The NumPad is the calculator style layout of keys on the right side of most PC and MAC keyboards. Unless you have a compact keyboard or a laptop, they should be there on the right. If you have none, then grab and drag down the Menu bar at the top of Blender, Click the System & OpenGL button and select “Emulate Numpad”. Move the menu bar back up and press Ctrl-U to save your current settings as your default settings in Blender. Now the number row at the top of your keyboard will have the same effects as the Numpad keys normally do. That is 1 will be front view, 3 Side view, 7 Top, Etc…

try turning on Num Lock