NumPad is not working


Just started to learn Blender a few days ago.
The problem is that NumPad is not working (NumLock is ON) in Blender (2.48a) at all.
Numpad emulation is working good though.
What do you think the problem can be?


ps: NumPad works well with other programs in my system (WinXP)

Welcome to the forums JuRaM!!

So, are you using a PC or a laptop?

Thanks for welcoming!

Forgot to say: I’m using PC with USB keyboard and NumPad works well with other programs, but Blender. Blender’s re-installation does not help.
Of course, if there is no any solution I’ll use emulated keys.

Ok. Wow, this is a weird one…sorry I can’t help any more…

Actually, this may be unrelated, but do you have Python installed?

Yes, I have the correct version of Python.
Anyway, thank you for trying to help.

Wow, reaching right into space here, but are you running any other programs in the background? Have you installed any utilities that allow for keyboard mapping? That is quite odd. Oh, and welcome to the forum.

Great, thanks!
Yes, I’m using MouseKeys (windows utility) for my music and sound design work.
As I turned it off - NumPad started to work in Blender.

Thanks again for your help, guys!