Numpad with laptops

Hi, I just got an hp pavilon ze5300 for graduation, and of course the first thing I did when I got online was downloaded Blender and Yafray. However, I have come across a small problem in Blender. Since it is a laptop, it does not have a numpad. There is a key lock option that will let me use keys on the keyboard as if they were numpad keys. Unfortunately, I’m only able to zoom in and zoom out using the numpad equivalents of the + and - keys. I cannot use the other numpad keys at all, so I cannot rotate or translate my view. Does anybody know of a fix for this, other than plugging in an external keyboard?

Thanks in advance,
Ric Olie

Pull down the Info window at the top, there’s a No Numpad option somewhere that let you use the non numpad numbers as if there were on the numpad.


I found the problem. There are two keys I need to press to enable numbers, the one lock I was enabling only enabled the arrow-key functions of the numpad. Thanks!