Numpty Qs part II - Crash on closing render window ?

Hi, another question from a numpty beginner.

When I render to a window it works fine until I close the render window (by clicking on the [X] in the title bar) at which point Blender crashes completely. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing but the problem persists. It doesn’t matter what I try to render, even the start up scene does it. If I use the windowless view it works fine.

I’m running Blender on my laptop (Advent 7008, SIS 650 chipset), any ideas on why this is happening ?

(to be totally clear, it renders fine, I can render to a view, I can render to an image, I can even produce animations of dodgy little gingerbread men, when I render to a window it renders fine, I see a nice render in the window, but when I try to close that window the whole blender app crashes.)

Have you tried to update your graphics chipset drivers???

Well I thought they were up to date but I’m just downloading them now to make sure. Anim8or also crashes on exit so I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it may be a driver issue, I just hope the update will fix it.

I have maybe the same issue???
not graphic card but VIAchipset/XP issue have fixed before(disable apci in bio? can’t remember) high ram load or with 100% cpu usage? or was it pagefile?? anyway that’s my problem.

but a solution is:

Render->close window straight after it opens,
it’s calculating in the background all’s good, either save image or to display as normal use the [render] tab on header bar and [show render buffer]

hope this helps

That’s what I was doing before that was causing the crash ! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my video drivers and that’s sorted the problem, Blender (and Anim8or) are both running stabley now.

Don’t close the render window by clicking the [x], press F11 which hides it in the background.

Closing the render window doesn’t crash for me, but blender does spit a couple of errors in the console about GHOST (blender’s window system manager) throwing a wobbly.