Nunchucks Model

I had a lot of fun modeling nunchucks. The nunchucks were easy to model as I mostly used cylinder shapers for the base and then used torus object for the chain. The material is just the principled shader and I set the chain to be metallic only. Now if only I could figure out how to animate the nunchucks. I tried using rigid bodies, but the chain kept falling apart. Might try using cloth physics instead.

Something like this save 2 seperate files if it fails you have the origin one, like this apply bones to your nunchuks use automatic weight if its fit if not select the bone in pose mode and go to weight paint and paint the part wich one the bone move , later work with keyframing and manipulate how you want .

here are some videos how it can be make

or you can use the rigid body constraint

and later you keyframing it to a action it takes time but you learn so much new stuff from it

good luck.