Nurb modeling in linux 64bit?

Are there any NURB modelers for 64bit linux at all? It doesn’t seem there are… I understand blender has NURB features but I dont think it’ll be the most advanced of NURB modelers since blender main focus seems to be poly? but i know its better than nothing :slight_smile:

I only ask as I recently came across Moi3d ( the otherday, it looks pretty nice so I want to give a bash at NURBS but… heh, there doesn’t seem to be any pure linux NURB modellers (that works for 64bit), even as commercial /premium software, that or my google searching skills sucks? (or to make myself feel better, google sucks ;))

I understand there are a couple of programs with NURBS (blender of course, K3D) but as i said above with blender, NURBS probabily isnt the most fantastic feature in these apps (feel free to prove me wrong, afterall, I am a retard when it comes to 3d :p) looked good but only works for 32bit from what I can tell… Oh the sin of 64bit…