nurb splines help please

I’m using Blender 2.3. I’m having 3 problems with nurb splines.

  1. When I create a spline in the front view, then tab out of edit mode, I can only see my spline in the other views and not the front view.

  2. How do I add a CV and an extra vertex point to a spline

  3. When I duplicate a spline I cannot move the spline on the y or z axis, only the x axis. Is this because I mirrors along the z-axis in front view?

Thanks in advance!

My guess is that Surface curves will work they way you want, use those and not the basic nurbs.

But to answer:

  1. Nurbs are 1 dimensional. You an make the wider by raising the Ext1 or Ext2 in the edit buttons.

  2. Select the last handle then cntrl+Left Mouse somewhere else, or subdivide.

  3. Tab out of edit mode and rotate.

NURBS are Non Uniform Rational BSplines, so NURB Spline is redundant :slight_smile:

In Wire Frame you should see them, in all solid/shade/potato modes you won’t because
a curve has no surface to render

Here I normally answer RTFM
Read The Fabulous Manual
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Curves are 2D make them 3D with the pertinend ‘3D’ button,
anyhow you should be able to move them in 2 dimensions (not 3)
and you are saying you can move them in only 1 dimension, do I might not have understood.

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