Nurbs and negative gradient

How to deal with a path with a negative gradient
see picture
How can you add nurbs

i could put a nurb tthen rotate it to get inside the - gradient?

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Not too sure what you are saying. By default Nurbs and Beziers are 2D objects though. They can only be moved in the plane they were created. However, if you go to the edit panel for a Bezier object you can turn on ‘Curve Path’. That will give you a 3D surface and then you can twist and shape.

Bezier start as 3D but it can be 3D
for Nurbs surface they are 3D surfaces by defaul!

OK this does not resolve the negative grradient that you see in the picture!

Anybody can help on this problem

I could at the limit skip over it then wait until i do the mesh conversion and modifie the mesh curve to add up this little square details!