NURBS curve skinning?

I’m trying to follow this tutorial loosely, however, I’m failing at the first step (I’m probably missing something)…

What I do is the following:
(delete the default cube)
Space->Add->Surface->NURBS curve.
Z (enable wireframe view)
C (close curve)
A (select all)
Shift F (which according to the tutorial will skin it, however, trying this gives me “too few selections to merge”).

If I dupe it (shift D), select all, and press Shift F, it joins the CVs, making it loose the curve shape… But still no surface.

What am I missing?

Add Surface Curve.

Duplicate it with Alt-D (this will keep it a single object) and spread them out into the shape you want.

(you’re still in Edit mode) Hit F (not Shft-F) and it should skin.

Hit Endpoint U/V.


Thanks. :slight_smile: