Nurbs Modeling Addons? How?

I found this verbnurbs, today on the net while looking for something on the nurbs. Now is full of open resources and some developers might consider implementing.
Now even FireFox supports NURBS.
Flash nurbs demo

What is verb?

verb is a library for creating and manipulating NURBS surfaces and curves in many languages including JavaScript.

verb provides advanced tools like derivative evaluation, adaptive tessellation, and intersection. Verb provides a concurrent execution runtime via WebWorkers in modern browsers and thread pools on other platforms and is suitable for use in a datacenter or in the browser.

verb is not a graphics library. It nicely compliments web graphics libraries like three.js, but is happy to live without one.

Maybe somebody will be interested to continue the Blender NURBS project as a GSOC continuation of this one:

Not to be a downer - but realistically just give up on the hopes of NURBS and Blender.

This is dead.

It will only happen when

A: a programmer does it

B: funding for it will be made available

C: Ton and the BF sees the value of NURBS for modeling (like Maya offers)

But I hardly see with the priorities and limitations BF has A B and C ever happen.

in 2019 road map say if funding go up 30 k he developed precision modeling tools and improve snapping
it is good news
nurbs can be very useful for precision modeling
i find new softwear for nurbs modeling that is good refrence for adding nurbs tools and solid tools for blender


still nothing on new tools for nurbs !

I wish some one could at least integrate some external lib for many tools we need to work with Nurbs

happy bl

I’m new to Blender (came to it because I changed from Windows to Linux at home for my 3D printing projects) and I’m blown away how much functionality it offers and how clean it is programmed. (You can measure that by examining how well the different parts interact with each other and how consistent the UI is.)

I’m working in the Automotive Design industry for 25 years now and use Alias Autostudio as my main tool but also use VRED and sometimes Maya. All these tools cost a fortune and their code quality is questionable. The Auto industry is undergoing major changes currently and efficiency is one of the key words. They reducing clay modelling (costly) for example and drift more and more toward polygon modelling for the early phase of design. In this area, blender already has a massive amount of tools and would be very well suited.

On the way to production Class A models, NURBS are used as they provide the required surface quality.

Throughout the whole process all sorts of visualization is used as well and here Blender would be also already well equipped with the new Eevee renderer.

For NURBS one needs a couple of good programmers with the required mathematical skills. I followed the NURBS development of Alias since PowerAnimator 4.0 and in the early 2000s I had contact to Alias programmers regarding this functionality. It’s certainly not a trivial programming task but it is also a well defined area with lot’s of publications and it is best dealt with with a very small team. (Otherwise it ends up in a tool mess…)

What would be also necessary is translators for industry standard file formats but this should also not be a problem.

Procedural modelling is gaining more and more attention in this field (in the last two years many show cars appeared with surfaces both on the exterior and interior which were based on procedural modeling) and with Sverchok there is already a Blender tool for this.

I’m pretty sure: if there would be serious interest from the Blender creators to enter the Automotive market, they would be able to secure founding for that couple of programmers with ease. (Of course, one hast to find those programming masterminds first.) With proper NURBS and high precision modelling support, Blender would be a great tool for designing cars.

It would be mind blowing if we could use one tool for all of the tasks involved in car design instead of using different software from different vendors which are not playing very well with each other.
It’s a misconception that large software companies provide high quality software and quick development. In my experience in the last two decades, it is exactly the opposite. High maintenance costs paired with slow development is more what is happening. That is also the reason why I am so amazed by the work the Blender programmers did.

I don’t really know but I think the Blender creators don’t actually realize what a massive opportunity they could have in the car industry.
The cost pressure is immense nowadays and that puts a tremendous pressure on the IT and their software decisions. This have opened up the minds of these IT people and so they accept new players more easily if they can deliver for less.

(This is my private opinion, but I think I’m long enough in this business to have an overview.)

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I agree, a good NURBS toolset would be great to have in Blender. When creating curves in Blender I always use NURBS curves, because I hate fiddling with the length and orientation of Bézier curve point axes, and because NURBS curves are very smooth.

I used to work with the very user-friendly MoI 3D for NURBS / solids, but these days I can do just about everything with Blender’s extensive polygon tools and add-ons, although NURBS-based filleting is still more powerful than fiddling with the Bevel modifier on a polygonal mesh, which often leads to limitations and artifacts.

A NURBS toolset expansion in Blender would require a good mesher as well. At the moment, MoI 3D’s mesher is still the best I know.

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I use Fusion360 and use Moi3D as a NURBS converter too. (.step ➝ .obj)
Moi3D creates the best clean surface compared to other tools.

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I wonder if for Blender to be taken seriously as an automotive modeling tool whether the current “using single precision floating point everywhere inside Blender” would fly.

with the latest Power of PC
I think it would be nice to have a version with double precison
to be use by people needing it for mechanical / CAD compatibility

this could be done with a few small project to improve Curves tools and Nurbs tools too.
May be add an existing lib for the new T Nurbs model!

Last time I think the project was way too big for one summer project !

just hope this does not take 10 years before we get new tools for curves and Nurbs things !

happy bl