NURBS modeling - where to start?

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Currently, I’m working only with mesh objects, but I want to learn what is NURBS and how to work with it :wink:

Is there any good tutorials which explain what is NURBS (where to use it)? Especially I want to know how to use NURBS in Blender.

In any case, I want to know: Is NURBS useful or should I use only mesh?

P.S. Sorry for the probable holy war :wink:

NURBS can be useful for some types of modeling: cars, airplanes, etc.
It can be used for organic models too (humans), but it gets difficult.

With meshes you can have just about any topology imaginable, and you can apply SubSurf to get smooth curves.

Unless you are already an expert with NURBS, there is little reason to use them any more, IMHO.

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Take a look at for an explanation where NURBS are used and why.

Blender’s implementation of NURBS is fairly limited at present (altho the groundwork is there for significant functionality - its just not be attended to by an interested dev… a low priority.) For an example of an app that makes great use of this technique, google MoI (Moment of Inspiration). It used to be in free beta, but has since been released for about $200US. There may still be a demo available to peek at, tho.

Lots of discussion of this topic, including here, here and here. This last link has some very interesting and technical posts about the differences between NURBS and polys. FYI.

NURBS can represent curvs with a mathematical model
and the algorythm is very stalbe for thoses you knows what i mean

you can evaulate any valus of X or Y anywhere on the curve

and it’s takes very little space
mind you when you solve it it takes memory and the more datapoint you have the large the matrix is to solved it but modern PC don’t ahve any problem of memory anymor!

so i’t one simple and reliable way to model a lot of curves

i read not long ago that there might be some new features added to NURBs for the next version
but i gues will have to wait till the enxt version to see if it is real!
one of the major advantage is that you skin the whole 3D surface in one command

now you still need to do some working line to have your curves precise or need a backgrond image to follow along the lines
but in the end it’s up to you to use MESH, Bezier , Poly or NURBS curves