nurbs-modelling in Blender?

Hi all,

i’m just curious if Blender will be capable of enhanced nurbs modelling some day in the future, or is it already? Cause i read something about Nurbana to become integrated in Blender.

If yes, when will/would it to be expected? This year already, or rather 2014?

I’m just asking cause i haven’t found a conclusional discussion about that here, at least non with any final definitions, state of developments or a targeted Blender release containing a mighty gift like that.

Because Rhino sucks! - It can’t nit surfaces together without gaps or causing massiv problems with leftover edges - and i don’t want to make that bad experience with a commercial product again.

And if Blender even want to put a price on such a plug-in, i’d be glad to pay too, as long as it maintains the same easy modeling functionality and usebility which Blender is known for.


Nurbana development is still going on but a little bit slow at the moment. So don’t expect it to come this year. I don’t know if it’s even coming next year. But it’s in development.

There’s always MOI3D until the Blender stuff is sorted out.

Its being worked on:

i would definitively like to have some fresh news

on what the status is right now!

are we going to get anything at all in the first release of 2.5 ?

this project has been going on for at least 6 months and saw a small video on what could be and it was fantastic compared to the old tools.

so hope someone in the right place can give us some realitty check here on the status for theses new Nurbs tools


reading the link above:
gives you enough info i think.
he’s merging changes from trunk to his branch to keep his branch up-to-date.
and in the next few weeks he HOPES to merge it to trunk


did you see a schedule for 2.5 last week i think on blender nation

Nurbs where not even mentionned in that list !

so still wondering what we are going to get and when !

on the last 2.5 release there where still the old Nurbs tool nothing in terms of new Nurb tools

but let’s hope for the best


It’s one of the branches, Ton just didn’t list all of the branches, would be a long list:

Hey thanks Matte,

thats all i hoped to hear :).

Em, to PhilBo, i don’t know how MOI3D, only that it’s not free, and i won’t buy anything anymore before i don’t know how or how easy it is to use.

And thats why i’ll always refer to Blender instead.

I just need NURBS in Blender, so i’ll gladly be patient and wait, only need to know that it IS definatly coming someday.


MOI looks really good to me… :slight_smile:

For free you have AYAM if you want to practice nurbs during the wait of the ones of Blender.

Edit: Forgot to give you a link to K3D (free software). There was a GSOC that had implemented more nurbs tools. I haven’t tested.