NURBS or Mesh?

Just curious what are the basic pro’s and con’s of NURB modeling vs. Mesh based modeling within the Blender environment? Is there a huge difference in application or in animating the resulting model?


nurbs are ALWAYS a grid of control verticies (though closed shapes can be made of them) and nurbs control points are not as specific as mesh vertices: I.E. the nurbs surface doesn’t meet the nurbs control points.

I would stay away from nurbs personally because they can’t handle varying levels of detail (without features blender doesn’t have) by means of more edges meeting at a vertex or a triangangluar face. It does succeed in that the forumula is used in many places, so nurbs are better suited for C.A.D. (computer aided design) than polys or subdvision surfaces.

as far as the nurbs versus subsurf look at:

rest of site is good too, starts at

z3ro d -

Thanks for the links. That was what I was looking for.

I guess I had just heard “NURBs” so much as a Buzzword that I figured it must be something great. But after doing the NURBs mousehead tutorial I kind of was left thinking “This sucks”. The main thing that irritated me, was the second thing the article you linked mentioned: that to add one new detail point you have to add a whole row of them. My model started getting real messy real quick.

If anyone has any reasons why NURBs are awesome - I would be glad to hear, otherwise I think I am going to stick with meshes.


Nurbs have their uses. If you want to make some wiring or cable, you can make a very smooth, twisting cable easily. That’s the only time i’ve found them more useful than some other equivalent.