nurbs question

I’m new to blender so here is my problem. I’m using 2.49a and trying to make a violin using this tut now when I’m in front view I add the background image then add a NURBS Curve all I see is a line, now when I switch to top view I’m able to see the curve?


The background image you add into a window is only associated with the window not the view orientation.

So if you want to see the background from another direction you either need to add the background from that different direction or open another window and add the background in that window, while looking in a different direction.

I know the above isn’t really clear but its hard to explain.

you can add a background pic only in the front side and back view if i remember well

and as soon as you go into 3D view you loose that pic!

so just loadmin the view you need like top or front side and then you can follow it withyour Nurbs curve

if you want to know more about curve go to the wiki page for curve and read it carefully

you also ahve page for the Nurb curve

hope it helps