NURBS Sphere question

So I started a new project, added a NURBS Sphere, changed the render resolution to 10 and got a beautiful sphere… except that part that looks weird when I render… like there’s a lump or something.

Even with higher values in the resolution or adding a subdivision modifier I get that weird lump.

Is this normal?

sorry tried it and don’t see anything wrong

can you upload file so we can test it

happy blendering

All I did was:

  • Start new project
  • Delete the default cube
  • Add NURBS Sphere
  • Change the resolution to 10 on both U and V
  • Render

And that’s the result.

I’ll attach it anyway:

this looks like some light shadow artifact

i added another light on the other side and it does not show that

you might try to play with the light shadows and see how it changes
the render

happy blendering

I added another light and I still see the lump. Guess I have to use the basic sphere…

Those looks like step artifact one gets with lamp type. I messed with lamp setting (Object Data / Shadow / Soft Size) and artifact went away.