Nurbs Surface constraint?

Hi, i hope this i an appropriate place to ask for this. I am looking for an equivalent to the “surface constraint” in XSI. It works only with nurbs meshes, the constrained object sticks /rides on the the Nurbs surface and the placement is specified by U/V-values.

It is my most wanted feature in blender, since i use this all the time in XSI.

I looked at the Python API for the nurbs class. I was hoping to find a function that returns a position vector and a normal for arbitary UV coordinates. It seems like you can only query the control points though.

Has anybody written a script like this yet?

Edit: I just had an idea of how i can get this result without a nurbs surface but with curves and path constraints. if i have three objects constrained to two paths i can use the TriangleNormal and the average positions.

Though your idea of using triangulation to get this effect sounds very intriguing (I’ve wanted this feature myself), I think we will be getting this feature as soon as the GSoC is over and it makes it in to an official build …

This modifier works for curves too so you can shrink wrap a path to a surface to constrain it for now (in a SVN build from graphicall), though I guess he is working on a shrinkwrap constraint as well (currently not available in the SVN yet) …