nurbs surfaces

in the wiki it is indicated that you can increase the orders up to 6 but i tried thath on a nubr surface but it only accept a maximum of 4?

so is it possible to go to order 6 and how ?

if you have a complicated surface how do you increase the number of vertecies
is it by subdividing ?
i don’;t see anything in the edit panel to do that
aprt of resolution which seens to increase the subdivison but the number of control points !

now i used to play with B spline natrix and i could set the order to wahtever size i wanted
how come we cannot go to more than 6 here ?

that quit limiting if you want to follow a complicated contour with let say 10 ups dand downs on the curve or surfaces - i know this would increase the time to solve the equatins but today pc;s are running fast and should be able to do tht fast !