Nurbs to mesh

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Hi. I’n newbie in the NURBS with Blender…

After a lofting, I try to convert the result in mesh:
In Edit mode, I select all vertex and press the convert POLY
button, but I’ve no effect…



(S68) #2

ALT+C :smiley:

(Convert Poly button??? never heard of… where is it?)


(RipSting) #3

The convert to poly button doesn’t do what you think. When you press it in edit mode, it modifies curves (it doesn’t do anythin to surfaces) to have hard angles instead of having smooth interpolation between points.

The Alt-C method is the only way to make a surface into a mesh.

You can change the density of the new mesh by doing one or both of the following:

  1. Before conversion, enter edit mode and select all the points. In the edit buttons (F9) you should see a button called “Resol U:” and another button “V:” to the right of it. By decreasing or increasing these, you’ll change the density of the mesh when you convert it.

  2. Use the decimator after it has been converted to a mesh.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! :smiley: