nurbs tutorial?

(Dittohead) #1

I need a good blender nurbs tutorial. I can’t understand the nurbs tutorial.

(Dani) #2


Last year I did a tutorial on modelling a nurbs head, hope it can help.
The site hasn’t moved since some time and i think it’ll soon go down, i have another project and another site being built with some friends.
So if this tut interests you, you might wan’t to save it on your hard drive.

here’s it’s addresse, it’s in french and in english.
This page intoduces the tute, so click on “let’s go” to start. The next page is the nurbs part, and the last one is the catmull-clark part, which could be expanded.


(KarbonCopy) #3

I need to learn another way to model other than nurbs