Cycles with 3000 samples.
Hope you like it.



My favorite daytime snack! Looks great and I love the reflections on the plastic.

B.E.A.UUUTIFUL :smiley: Great job!

yummy! nutella is my favorite,too. by the way, fabulous job on that!

looks like nutella

Cool. Would love to see it spread on bread!


i´m working on it :slight_smile:

too bad I can’t eat nutella anymore :frowning:

Your nutella bottles look very good, but i’m not liking your bread. It looks very stale! :slight_smile:

Superb! Very realistic! How did you achieve those ridges on the cap? Also, can you please share the material node setup for the plastic?

thanks. the ridges on the cap are geometry and the plastic is glass (in germany it´s always glass) :slight_smile:

Sorry for being a noob. I dint get what you meant by ridges being geometry? Can you kindly elaborate a bit?

looks great! :slight_smile:

Looking great, but I think that the glossiness of that delicious portion of greatness over the bread is a little too high, I dont know, I need to eat something!