'nuther contest mech wip

(slikdigit) #1

well, like the title says:

don’t think I’ll be able to finish it in time for the contest; blender segfaults if I try to render it with all the (six) legs.
Yes, its intended to be a spider, but I thought I’d cut down the legs to 6 (why not? its a mech)
the leg you see is constrained with pistons, but the foot has too many degrees of freedom for the type of joint (requires careful animation)
I want to fix that, as this mech will end up in an animation (If I can ever get it to render that is)

(theeth) #2

slick design, a lot of nice details.

It’s a shame you can’t render :-?

Did you try with the command line rendering, maybe the GUI is causing the segfault…


(slikdigit) #3

Command line render? thanks!
Oh, darn. Segfault again.
Good try though. And I learned something new about blender.
Maybe I’ll submit my lame (chuckle) entry, and wait for the opensource to figure out what’s going on.

(Idgas) #4

WOW thats awsome

(S68) #5

Vertex count?

Do you copied all legs or are they dupliverted?

In second case try to make duplis real :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #6

WOWSERS!! Nice model. I love the wires and the details!! imgranpaboy is gonna have a happy shit fit when he sees all those wires and stuff!! :wink:

If you are having trouble rendering it, then maybe send the blend file to myself, or someone else to try it. Just a suggestion.


(slikdigit) #7

Thanks BgDm- I just might do that.
I’m pretty sure its a vertex count problem (No Duplis here Stefano), So I’ll make sure my subsurfs-esp. for smaller items- are at low subdivs, and I’m going to ‘optimise’ the meshes by removing un-necessary verts (quite a few of those). Plus all the edges are beveled- maybe I can get away with straight meshes and unbevelled edges on some smaller items.
The problem is I’m adding in more detail (model isn’t finished yet) So I might have to render it with ‘broken’ legs as a damaged mech.
Or I could render in passes
Or I could render in an external renderer. I just have ne’er done that, don’t know if it can be done from publisher, and last time I tried opening it in creator, creator crashed trying to open it.
My payback for being so complacent. Blender (normally) never crashes on me- so I had no fallback plan.
next time I might model in creator instead to avoid back-compatibility issues.
Thanks everyone.

(Bapsis) #8


I SWEAR when i first looked at this, i thought it was a Mech Santa’s Sleigh in the works hehe. :wink:
You got a reigndeer (who just needs some antlers and legs)the sleigh, and that arm wich would be perfect for depositing those gifts down the chiminey. :wink:
Well, i like your attention to modeling detail and i look forward to your Spider when its done. Maybe around Christmas 'ere in a couple of months you could… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #9

LMFAO!!! That was frickin hilarious dude!!

No offense slikdigit. 8)


(slikdigit) #10

I’m so angry, I can hardly contain myself.
No offense taken. I should really pay attention to what things look like that I wasn’t intending- the antlered head was intended to be a merger between a video camera gone mad and a spider multi-eyed head. I think you can see that- don’t you?