'nuther mechanics problem

I’m currently prototyping a game I’m making (by using cubes and whatnot in place of the actual objects) which is why I’ll be asking a lot of questions here, like my past logic question. I have another issue. I’m doing a 3D sidescroller, and I have the back and forth movement, a shoot key, and a jump key. When you jump (space) from a standstill it works great, you go the appropriate height and can move around in the air like I want. However, if you jump while running (shift+left/right arrow), you go well under half the height of the normal jump, and about half as long as well. This is obviously crippling to gameplay, and simply can’t exist. Does any one know what might be causing this and a possible solution/workaround. If a .blend is needed, I can provide that.

It could me a number of things.

.blend plz.

sure thing, give me a few hours.

…and by hours, I meant a day…

Sorry. Here it is.


For your player object, set bounds to “box”.

It’s the friction shake bug, nipping at the touch sensor.

If you can’t have the bounds to box, you can use a parented ghost object that will keep better contact with the surface.

Problems like theese are usually solved by tinkering with the physics settings.

Hope it works out for you.

i got to the end of the level. WOOOOO that is a fun game. yes the runandjump thing is messed up.