Nuther question: Loopy parents

in my on going struggle to get this bloody cell phone model working, Ive come across another problem.

I modeled the phone in wings. Exported as an OBJ and am now using UV Mapping in Blender (thank you Modron!) to slap some textures on it.

My problem is that when I set up the materials on the OBJ and brought it into Blender, it came in with each material as a seperate object.

So now Im trying to parent these objects together (Blenders version of a group?) and Im getting the following error:

ERROR: Loops in parents

What the heck is this?

it means your trying to parent the parent to it’s child or a child of its child. like this

      /    _\|
parent_     Child
     |\_____/ <-- No can do


Ok…so I should NOT Box select the objects?
Assuming the first object I selec tbecomes the parent and then every object after that becomes the child…is there a way to select an object by its name?

The last one you select (the active object) will become the parent; it will be a lighter color pink.
You could join them in object mode to make them all one object with Ctrl-J, then in edit mode hold your mouse cursor over one part and press L and to select all its verts. Now you can assign a seperate material to it (but no more than 8 materials per object) and do the same for all the parts. This is a better way than parenting in my opinion.


OH!!! Hey that sounds much better.
So is the L key wont select the entire object if I Join them?

Coolness, yes this sound much better and closer to what Im used to!