Nuts - animation

Well it’s taken me over a year to get this far (I worked on this off and on using Blender version 2.20 up to 2.23), but all the shots are there now. Still a few things to adjust, but I thought I’d get some feedback before I rework things.

It’s been resized and compressed to get it under 10MB. DivX codec.
2 mins duration

Nuts movie

let me know what you think…


dang 8 megabytes =(
any chance of a smaller compressed version for us smallband people?

Haha! That’s great! I really love the character animation- from the facial expressions and the movements to the way the knife moves as the nut runs over it. It was hilarious to see the cupboard open and all the crackers rise up! Good job!

This is great!
Have you seen the Siggraph thread by ton in Chat? If not, check it out.

That must be one seriously heavy nut for the plate trick. I thought he would grab the plate and heave so that it toppled over the cracker. But this way is fun, since it’s so unexpected.

  1. pofo

Very sweet…

expecially the nutcrackers :slight_smile:


haha! that’s great… very funny. i actually saw the first part of your movie when you were working in the CTE team back in the days… i always wanted to know what’s happening with this little nut

Bwa ha! That was great. A finished animation project in Blender! Who would have thought! The nutcracker army had me thinking of Disney’s Sorceror’s Apprentice. Intentional? Whatever, it was great. The direction, music, animation, etc.

i think you have to think about siggraph… talk with ton about it.

Thanks everyone.

imagrandpaboy: Sorry, I don’t know if I can compress/resize any smaller without some real loss of quality. The non-resized version (320 by 240) was only 10.5 MB (11,000,000 +bytes) which my server said was too big, so I brought it down to 240 by 180.

pofo: I’ve seen something about siggarph in the news section on site. Is that what you mean?

@ndy: Yes it’s been a long time to finish. Now for the next one… :slight_smile:

harkyman: I don’t know if the nutcracker army/Sorceror’s Apprentice was intentional, but I’ve always loved that bit in Fantasia (and alot of other Disney animation - espeically The Jungle Book) - I blame my subconscious.

jazzroy: I will send him an email :wink:

Once again… thanks for the positive feedback. My kids (5 and 2 1/2 years old) like the animation too :smiley:

Hehe that’s funny! :smiley: Keep up the cool work!

Very funny!
Submit it to SIGGRAPH.

Have you tried BINK for compression?

A minor suggestion - When Nut jumps on the table and then the chair, the camera abruptly stops its movement/rotation. Have you considered smoothing out the IPO with a rounded curve at the stopping points?

Room335: I’ve not tried Bink…

I’m in the process of rendering out the files at PAL res as targa files. I will then bring them into an AVID at 1:1 compression and play them out onto tape… or maybe I should do it at NTSC res…? Trouble is PAL is what is used here is Oz.

Anyway I will think of something.

As for IPO curves… I have edited most… but if you find those points bothering you I will look into refining them before I re-render. I am tweaking the files as I go.

NB the movie is made up of another of blender files… not one big one :wink:


There are some little problems with the camera movements, and in a couple of places the animation doesn’t look quite right, but apart from that, this is pretty damn cool.

Man I can’t wait for the download to finish. 1 hour 2 minutes and 33 seconds to go. It has to be really good if you guys are seriously considering it for siggraph. I got the opportunity to watch the best of siggraph 2002 dvd at a big screen theater in my college and was simply blown away. I laughed, I cried and these weren’t like the cool single man tear, no, I was bawling like a 12 year old school girl. I truly connected to some characters in the few minutes that I saw them. I can’t wait to get ahold of your nuts…movie. Be back in an hour!

WeirdHat: please let me know which places in particular the camera moves not right… and which places the animation is not right…

I want to make this as best as I can before the final render. I’m doing the first 3 shots at the moment (Adjusting textures and lights to get around some ugly looking stuff… you forget how much you can let slide when it’s only 320 by 240 and compressed… %|

Munkey_mike: I hope you like it… um… must be a long download for dial-up…


ive been hearing great things so ill give the download a go =D
im about to start on my first full animation project so id like some inspiration, hope this will do it for me!!
ill be back in an hour when the dl is done… talk to u then…

oh man! great job! this was well worth the wait! it was really good, and funny =) nice smooth animations and plot twists =D this was the inspiration i needed thank u :smiley:

Hey now I remember, didn’t I see the beginning of this animation on another website like months ago? Was it or I could’ve sworn I did. Oh well. Maybe I’m just losin me noggin.

imgranpaboy: I’m glad it has inspired you, thanks for wathcing it :smiley:

munkey_mike: This project has been over a year in the making (I don’t do it full time… and work/life kinda gets in the way :wink: ) So it is possible you have seen an earlier version… I put one into the IRTC last year some time (I needed my own inspiration/encourangement then :slight_smile: )

I’m planning another animation… once again set to music, but this time I’m thinking opera… %|

I used to use smacker… years and years ago. Bink works in s similar way to Divx 5.02 Not just pixel changes but uses vector movement too. And bink is slower to compress. And there is very little difference in size and quality. I’d chop the avi into 2 meg segments for easier download make a low bandwidth and high bandwidth version.