Nuts & Bolts WIP (Need Suggestions for Improvement)

Hello, all, this is one of my first renders in blender, and I’m quite new to the whole thing. I was hoping for some constructive criticism, as well as a way to smooth the faces on the edges of the bolts.

Here’s the image:

Tell me what you think!!!

Anyone able to give me some pointers?

To smooth the faces, select everything in edit mode, and select shade smooth from the tool panel, or the search bar.

But this would smooth everything, so to keep the sharp edges sharp either add an edge split modifier, or manually mark edges as sharp by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+E and selecting “Mark sharp”.

Great, thank you very much!!!

Bevel edges

:slight_smile: Sounds good!

Or you could just select the faces you want to be smooth and click shade smooth
but because of the screw thread i guess edge split is the best way about it