Nuts & Bolts

I’ve posted something similar in another friendly forum. I’ve just extended my Blender doodling
a little bit.:smiley:
Well, not exactly a little bit, just tens of test renders to see the effect of every button I could
press in the UI. There’s just too many combinations.

VERY nice. I’d suggest you remove the text. It doesn’t add to the image.

nice. I like the materials of the bolts. And well, i like the text too:)

Sure. They further add to the redundancy, aren’t they? Actually, the text is supposed to be the
name of a mag, a company, a brand name, a logo, anything…
They are part of the whole picture, otherwise it’s just another one of those thousands
of n&b pics noobies love to draw.:D:D
Afaic, this picture is done.
It’s just one of my Blender doodles.:smiley:

Cool! I personally like the material to the text it sorta reminds me of jello.

Wanted Bob

The images were not so much about bolts and nuts as it is about the phrase “nuts and bolts”
as used in the English language which describes the workings or mechanics of something.
My next project will be “bells and whistles.”:smiley:

So, I was not aiming for ultra-realism. The only embedded image was the carpet texture.
Everything else was noise and clouds procedural. Of course, the hdri image helps alot and
it produces happy accidents most beginners like me would find amazing.:smiley:

This all started with trying to model a screw and tried to translate a tutorial done in
Wings3d into Blender. There is, indeed, a Blender way. Every image here was
Blender all the way. No photoshopping, no gimping.

Of course, nuts and bolts images will not be complete without screws.:D:D

Thanks for all the nice comments. :wink:

in your first image set… the thredding for the nuts are overly rounded and need to have the edge setting for thier tips be set to a higher edge ratting so they dont look rounded.

Yes, I’ve fixed those that were in camera’s view in some of my test renders but for some
reason I like the smoother ones.:o But no problem, it was efficiently modeled with the right
amount of polygons that it is easy to fix. CTRL+R is my friend.:D:D