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Hello ! :slight_smile:

I have the pleasure to show you the result of my last work. Animation is a small trailer of my YT channel and upcoming series of animation which first episodes will be uploaded soon. I’m open for critism and waiting for feedback.
Cheers !

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Pretty good, but you have to fix the hair that’s coming from the hood the the ninja. It looks too transparent.

Between 14-27 secs, i think background should move to back faster and character’s up-down moving also has to be scaled up. Thanks for sharing.

Great. You should make a tutorial about it.

Sweet . not in a position to critic but IMHO you should care about the voice and voice delivery also he has to throw it a bit faster and you have to add some sounds. Btw I love the shoes yo

Thank you all guys for response.

Yea, I noticed this bug while I was on 200 frame and as the render time was pretty long I had to deal with it v_v

thank you for feedback, I agree with you that I could make a bigger camera noise.

Thank you, maybe in a future… ^^

Yea, voice acting actually is mine Achilles’ heel but I’m doing my best to improve this. Thanks.

I uploaded two another animations.

Here is the first one, It was quite long time ago so it looks crappy as hell, but you know, everyone had to start from something. :slight_smile:

the second one is a short fight scene, which I made couple months ago. It was pretty fun to create something like that and I’m happy with the results. There are some glitches in animation, but I’m still learning =) The whole series still dont have a story but it will change in next episode.

Let me know what you think about it and please leave a like if you liked :slight_smile:

I’m not in a position to critique the animation, but for your last upload, the fight scene, the rapid camera angle changes made it very confusing. Alot of the consecutive angles are very similar, and you could benefit from getting a bird’s eye view or a shot from a long distance somewhere in there.

Also, try adding in some tension, emotion, or something like that. I don’t mean an actual plot, just some simple frustration, anger, confusion, etc.

But anyway, it still looked pretty cool.

Thx amprod for your feedback.

I’ve uploaded another one animation, please have a look if you want. :slight_smile: