Nuuska Muikkunen (anime version) *update* pg2

It’s a long time since I’ve made anything “big” or even medium.
Well. I’m working on a Moomin character (sure some of you know the Moomin trolls), but giving it only a bit more anime style than it is in the tv-animation. The Character is called Nuuska Muikkunen or Nuuskamuikkunen.

I asked Ztonzy what the swedish name was, because it’s also quite swedish because Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomin, was Finnish-Swedish. Anyway, Ztonzy didnt remember his swedish name (not his swedish name, but Nuuskamuikkunen’s swedish name). I saw the name in the internet a couple a days ago, so basically this whole name issue is flavour to the topic itself…

Anyway, I’ve done the basic shape to the body, and then the hand. I worked with the hand more, because I’m gonna detail the body later, and hands, well hands… argh, what am I talking for? I should just show the pics.

I’m gonna post more pics as I get on with the project.

Here’s the “reference” pics I drew. Basically they’re there only because then I know what I’m doing. But then again… do I?
The last on is the original idea, but I could start modelling from that (view).

very nice shaping.

did you use proportional editing to do that or did you build it up?
im trying to build up an arm for a toon charatcer…

can we get some render pics or body shots soon?

Looking good so far. Not so sure how much I like the style you’re going for judging by your sketches. Just doesn’t seem to match up to the original. The originals had such a cute cuddley feel to them. I absolutely loved the books when I was younger, never saw the TV show.

I’ll be watching this.

I’ll post more as it developes. I didnt use any proportional editing (you mean mesh edit and “o”). I just began with a simpler form, then subdivided (actually created edgeloops) and edited. The body isnt in a condition that could be yet posted.

Ok… here is some more pics. I modelled the boots.

Looks good. Don’t know if you plan to or not, but you might want to add some kind of fastening method, be it laces or a zipper.

That’s exactly what Im going to do :). It’s gonna be a texture, though, probably.

Oh wow. I remember reading the book, in Russian at that ;). Such a great universe. How will anime-ing the guy affect the look?

Well, more anime like, like naruto or just basic anime look.

im a blender noob
could u explain me how do u do that kind of images.
what do u use to do it.

Maybe all of it at once? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mesh. Subsufred Mesh. Shaken, not stirred.
I usally edit without subsurfs, and then go into subsurf mode, for final detailing… I’m not a Blender newbie, so I guess that has got something to do with it, as well :wink:
I’ve been using Blender, quite long, from version 1.6.

wow… version 2.41 for me…


I love Nuuskamuikkunen, and someone making an anime version of him… sigh… well, I must say, it’s a HUGE one for me to swallow…

it’s bad enough what disney did for the characters!


the hands are very complex, but i maked a very simple version
you can use the wire for add more detail, I love the muumies serie.
:wink: :wink:

Um… thanks. That’s probably the best hand model I’ve seen so far, anywhere. Well, I’ll see to my hands, too :slight_smile: .

it’s bad enough what disney did for the characters!

Basse, Disney? Afaik, Disney never did any Moomin series… It’s made in Japan, and is basically anime already. Besides, some kids might find the oldskool Moomins scary. I haven’t read those a lot. Quite shady imo, from what I’ve seen/read.

I’m a great fan of the moomin books and characters as well. Actually moomintroll was one of the first characters I ever modelled in blender.

That’s cool, sornen.

Here’s an update… I made the head. It’s not finished, it’s just the base from which I’m gonna edit the final version, so Basse, forget about the heart attack :Z . This is work in progress. This is probably the first thing I’ve made with a reference image that’s succesful.

So, here’s the model so far. I dont know if it looks anything like the reference images but… well, that’s just me. It doesn’t look very anime right now, but it will, I hope :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh yeah, I’m gonna give him some hair too.

Long time, nothing new. Well’ Here’s a little update. I’ve been doing the head mostly. I tried the new particle stuff for hair, but I’m not very good at it, so I chose uv-mapped alpha textures for hair.

This one is too dark, but he’ll have a hat.

I’m gonna make the hair darker, but that’s the current hair.
Oh yeah, and the eyebrowns will be fixed to the same colour.

Well, I guess I decided to go with the particle hair after all… well, things in blender are first usually tweaky, untill someone codes a handy and practical way to deal with it. Like the static particle hair system.

Well, here’s some pics… I dont know if this is going to lead into something, but I’ll be working on it anyway. It’s late, too. Right now.

first two, just testing.

third one, is what I am gonna go for in the actual version.

The hair’s gonna be a bit different colour. Might wanna change the eyebrows too… Pretty happy about the hair. Need some tweaking.
I used two hair “patches” on each side and 12 guides in total.