NV22 1-2: Junkyard World

Lore (Inspired by @SterlingRoth):

The presence of water and carbon based soil suggests that eons ago, there may have been some form of life on Darrotera, but the Thalia Imperium had little reason to care. Their only concern was that its location in the Serpent Belt made it a convenient location to dispose of depleted fuel cells and broken drones - items that would have been problematic to store elsewhere due to their volatile nature. The loads of toxic chemicals and scrap metal nearly choked out all possibility of life on Darrotera, but nature has interesting ways of surviving the toughest of situations. Not long ago, a thick red photosynthetic organism started to grow on the surface of the junk. It’s incredibly difficult to research because of the hazardous atmosphere, but rumors are spreading. Some people think it has always been there, lurking under the surface, but some think it was only recently introduced. Some believe the growth is harmless, but some believe the organism to have some kind of collective consciousness…

Perhaps the Thalia Imperium should have been more careful of where they threw their trash.

Today I challenged myself to create a procedural environment scene in geometry nodes. It was pretty tough, but I’m happy with the end result.

Almost everything is procedural. The indirect reflections are just a sky texture mixed with a noise texture for additional detail, and the post-processing is done in the compositor.

The one non-procedural thing is a sun lamp. The main lighting is actually an icosphere that’s invisible to the camera with an incredibly strong emission shader, but I needed the second sun light to supplement it.

Feedback is always appreciated!

Download the free project file here:


This is really pretty, and super impressive for being procedural! You did a nice job with the rust especially, a lot of the time people go overboard with rust but when something is half submerged, I don’t think you can have enough rust :sweat_smile: I’ll be downloading this and playing around with it tomorrow for sure


Thanks. The rust was actually supposed to be moss/mildew of some type, but I decided to make it a brownish color because it fit the scene better. I actually didn’t even think of rust, but it unintentionally worked out :sweat_smile:


Oh I love this ! fantastic. It gives a strong impression of stillness. The fog, the tilt of these huge toroidal structures and the calm water makes the scene very relaxing. Like we’re long after the end of the world, and everything has been silent for centuries.


This reminds me of the Nurks from Stray. Nice lore!


At this point the unfortunate adventurers that had to make an emergency landing there, cautiously looked closer: “Um, guys? Does this rust look weird to you?”


Thank you. That was the exact feeling I was trying to express. Early on, I’d thought of adding a ship or something, but soon scrapped it as I preferred the calm-yet-ominous tone.

I’ve never actually played Stray, but I’m looking for something to play after I complete the last two Pantheons in Hollow Knight. Is it worth looking into?

Thanks. I really liked your idea of storytelling and I’m a huge fan of science fiction, so I thought I might as well give it a go and try to add some meaning to my scene. Glad you liked it!

“Uh, is it normal for rust to start attacking you?”

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I enjoyed it, it’s a pretty rich ~6 hours that tells a decent story. If you like cats, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart, I really appreciate it!

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