NV22 11-12: Deadly Chainsaw

Today I tried out hard surface modeling in geometry nodes. It’s actually a lot better than you might expect. Filled curves are really flexible to work with, and the mesh boolean fast enough to work with as long as you don’t overuse it. Most of the mesh manipulations rely on the extrude node instead.

The main roadblock I faced was the inability to bevel edges. I had to do this artificially in cycles which is fine, but I’m still looking forward to eventually having a bevel node in GN.

Here’s a free .blend file for those of you who like to tinker with project files:


This is a rough hack for beveling convex edges on a convex mesh:

you can even repeat it a few times and get some nice round corners:

ROUND BLOCK.blend (889.4 KB) - cc0 license


Man this is Eipc, Wish i knew geo node like u. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hey, that’s a neat technique. Would you mind if I added it too my cookbook and credited you?

It would have worked to use in this project, except that the parts that mattered most aren’t convex. (the edges on the panel and the main box which has a boolean cut on the back.)

I did end up using a minkowski sum (instance on points and convex hull) to get partial rounding on the hex bolt boolean. Your method is a lot better for irregular shapes though, since it assures that the corners are always topologically aligned.


Thank you! :+1:t2:

sure, no problem. I need to play with that minkowski sum technique now!

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Looks really smooth! great job!

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Thanks, @pleebs! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you, Bart!

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That’s a lot of features in one week! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m glad you appreciate my hard work!

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