Nvida GTX 780 ti, CUDA frequently dissapears from the System tab

Hello, got a new GTX 780ti card for christmas, I’ve had blender 2.66 installed for some time and when I got the new card I upgraded to 2.69… At first the Cuda worked fine, but now its like its choosing itself when to be on or off, I have no clue whats causing it.

I installed the latest driver available and I installed the latest build of blender (2.69.8 Fastest with CUDA) and that seemed to fix the problem… for an hour or so, untill I opened up blender and it happened agian, I find this really weird, Is my card not supported yet? or do you guys have any clue on whats going on?

Help is much appreciated! I just got this card, and I have so much I want to do! :slight_smile:


Hi, not many have GTX 780 ti here, I fear.
All GTX 700 cards are supported, so it may a hardware problem, overheat, small power supply etc…
You can try another Cuda render engine called Octane, there is a demo version:


There are demo scenes at the bottom of the page.
If you have also problems with Octane it is a hardware problem, if not we must think further.
I have heard newest driver has problems, 320.49 driver is ok.

Cheers, mib.