Nvidea gtx 980 ti with 6G available here in the Philippines. Yea!

I’ve been waiting for a local Computer supplier to have these available and have found out they are now available.

Does anyone here have one yet?

I wondering before I head to the store spend the $ if there was any feedback from the community before I melt my credit card. LOL


In here Europe GTX 970 costs costs sbout 200 euros less than GTX 980 with same vram, and 400 euros less with 980 having 6GB memory. I don’t know the actual performance difference, but looking nvidia site: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-970/performance it seems the difference is not that much. So if 4GB is enough vram for you, you should consider GTX 970.

I myself just bought another 750Ti, and I’m happy with them. I manage well with 2GB vram.

Oops, I was looking wrong in that nvidia graph. 980ti looks fast. So perhaps it is a good deal. Sorry =)

Hi, Tom´s Hardware already tested GTX 980Ti with iRay, Octane and Blender Cycles, it is very fast.

Cheers, mib

Thanks I have ordered the GV-N98TD5-6GD-B card. This is the standard clock speed card not the overclocked gaming card. The gaming card was not available from my local supplier.

Ordering on line is possible but that would mean that I have to deal with the Philippines Customs directly which I have done before and it is a pain.

Thanks for the comments I will post my experience with the card once it is delivered.

Great card.