Nvidia 314.07 slowing down blender

G’day guys,

I have just updated my drivers to the offical new ones released by nvidia.
To which made blender extremely laggy and unresponsive.
I had this problem before with the beta and now it is happening with the new ones.
The blender version i have is 2.66.

It seems blender only likes 310 and below.
Any problems or fixes that the devs can do?
Or is anyone else getting the same problem?


For me the 314.07 is running fine with my GTX680 on Win7 64 and the official Blender 2.66.

I actually searched the forum for my initial post (as you will see I referenced it in this one) and I also checked some other pages on blender, e.g. the position from the developers that it is not a coding issue. So this must have crossed with the other posts :).
Thank you for the response, good to see that nVidia wants to solve it in the next update. Also, from what I see here it seems to be a WIN8 problem rather than WIN7, as people report they have no issues.

Happy blending!

It seems that running blender in windows 7 compatible mode fixed the problem for me.

Thank you. This is helpful.

I’m using 314.07 on Windows 8, Blender is very annoying to use as the screen doesn’t appear to “update” fast enough. Found a bit of a weird thing to get it working kind of - Enable Screencast Keys -

314.22 seems to have solved this now (I know I am late with a driver update, but I was a bit concerned).