Nvidia Advertisement

Here is a short Nvidia Advertisement I made in Blender 2.8 a few months ago.
I got hyped up for Nvidia Optix support and got a few of their cards for Blender.
I came up with the idea myself and had to make it because I thought it would be good.
Tell me what you think.

Edit: I added music from their latest DGX A100 ad.

Slower version at 24 fps without sound:


I guess no one thinks anything. :memo:

Nice one indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

I like it.

Iā€™m trying to add some motion to artwork from a printed advertisement. How would you go about animating 2d autumn leaves blowing in the wind?

Sculpt and texture a leaf. Add a mesh wave modifier to it that is randomized and animated. Create a particle system. Apply the leaf object to be drawn in the particle system settings and check rotation option to add some random rotation. Check the force affect option as well. Add a wind force. Play the animation and orient your emitter and force direction to desired look. :herb: