Nvidia and Double sided polygons and general viewport performance

Hi everyone,
I haven’t been keeping up with Blender development for a while due to PC issues and whole host of other excuses. I’m planning on building a desktop PC and currently deciding upon a graphics card. I wanted to know do the Nvidia 700 series graphics cards (I’m aware of the 900 series but nobody has one ATM) still suffer from poor viewport performance compared to their AMD counter parts?

double sided is off by default - no problem anymore

Get GTX 970 after a month or two. No reason to go for the 700 series right now at all. Even more so because most of the 700s are 600 rebrands. 750/750Ti are the first maxvell cards and 780/780Ti are basically a titan without dp, the rest are rebrands.

Also judging by 750Ti benchmarks, Maxvell should be considerably faster than Kepler. Eats less power too.

Thanks for the replies. When was blender updated to have this off by default?

A couple of months ago. The double sided issue isn’t an nVidia problem, they can’t be expected to keep old drawing paths supported at the hardware level forever. Blender’s viewport drawing just needs to get with the time. Speed is just fine since double-sided was disabled though.

In a way, it also has the side effect of making it much easier to keep normals consistent in the model, too many times a tool will lead you to having flipped normals in areas and the difference in shading really helps to spot those areas.