Nvidia card comparable to Radeon HD 5870

I recently purchased another PC and it came with a Radeon 5870. I’d prefer to have a Cuda card so I thought I could try for a trade on craigslist. The problem is I don’t know what cards would make for an even trade. Any advice?

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If you can afford it and your computer can run it I’d recommend keeping that card and purchase a used gtx580 in addition. The amd for opengl viewport performance and nvidia for rendering. I think I remember reading that the model you have was very good for opengl performance, I know from my own experience that my radeon 6800 is significantly faster in the viewport than my gtx580.

I didn’t think mixing cards like that was possible. Interesting.
Buying another card is not an option at this time but I do have a GTX460 and an older 9800 GT.
I’m wondering how does that work? Do I use the 5870 for my monitor connections and then what, does cycles automatically use the 460 or would I have to specify card functions somewhere?

Yes it will use both, select proper device in Blender user settings, System tab - computational device must have list with current options.

Awesome. I will give that a try and see how it goes.

I don’t know if this applies…
I have an HD4550 but the system tab does not show any GPU (I only get NONE and CPU). Can I get a Blender build that might fix this?
I’m running:
Win XP 32
Core2Duo 2.33GHz
3,35Gb ram

Thanks for any answers

Cycles do not support AMD as computational device, mostly due AMD OpenCL compiler bugs that stay for years. You need Nvidia hardware (> 460 models are preferred ) to use GPU acceleration. You can use AMD as main system and viewport GUI, and second Nvidia card as Cycles renderer accelerator.