NVIDIA Driver Issue: Textures are replaced by a strange texture

NVIDIA Driver Issue: Textures are replaced by a strange texture

I downloaded a new beta driver of NVIDIA. After playing a few games I started up a Blender game. Strange textures appeared. I loaded textures into the Blender Texture Mode. Strange textures were displayed. What is happening?



The first screenshot was made in another game designed by another artist.

- AniCator

I noticed this problem doesn’t occur when you run a game that uses shaders. I think the new driver is completely shader-based. Can somebody confirm that?

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remeber it is a beta drive i sugest you download the 163.75 driver for some series or if that driver isnt out for your graghics card then get the latist non beta driver

I’ll try that as soon as possible. I wonder why the beta driver is getting shader-based. Because all games are going to be? In that case BlendX needs to be finished really soon, also because I just want to have it! lol.

Thanks for your help,

- AniCator

I know this is an old thread, but what happened?

I suspect you can turn the shaders off in the card interface. Did you try that?

Just curious

looks like your GFX card might be about to take a big poop on you.
You might want to revert your drivers, and see if you still have this same problem.

If you have the same problem after you revert the drivers, your GFX card might be toast.

you will know for sure, if it starts doing the same behavior with other games progressively.(one day game “X” works great, the next day it has the same errors you describe, or worse)

Don’t worry. I already fixed the problem. Yes, I reverted the drivers. I guess that the beta drivers weren’t fully integrated with the old features so it became shader-based. When someone used GLSL Shaders in the Blender Game Engine the textures didn’t show up all weird, except when you first startup and haven’t run the engine yet.
I reinstalled the most recent non-beta driver and everything is OK now.

Yes. Poor old games. Poor old Blender Game Engine. Hopefully it’ll make it trough those times of decay.

The problem has been solved by installing one of the recent non-beta drivers.

- AniCator