Nvidia driver linux

Hey guys,

yesterday I installed Linux Mint on my laptop in a dual boot with Win 7, now I ran into the problem that I can select a GPU for cycles, so I tried donwloading the drivers from the Nvidia site and that went well. But now I found that I can’t run it, the driver is a .run format, I allready did some searches all over the internet but they all gave different results. Can anyone help me? I’m really excited about testing this OS.

Thanks in advance!

You simply activate the proprietary driver from within Mint with the “Additional Driver Tool”

Menu>Administration>Software Sources
There you got a tab for additional drivers, choose your desired version, activate, reboot, done.

Change version? Simply activate another one, reboot.


it’s a script for the console, you are supposed to change the permissions for the file with

sudo chmod +x file.run
and the run the script from the terminal.

Since you are probably not used to the terminal i suggest to use jockey-gtk like already suggested.

What Arexma said. On the other hand, I’ve had some issues using jockey in the past, and actually installing the proprietary driver downloaded from Nvidia fixed my issues.

I would also installed the driver with the software management.
If you make a mistake or the linux kernel is updates your sytem don´t start the GUI anymore and you have only a terminal.
This is hard for a not advanced user.

Cheers, mib.