nvidia drivers

(Kid Tripod) #1

i know this might sound familiar, but i looked and no one was quite the same

i have a TNT2 with Win98 and 64mb ram

unfortunately if i install the latest drivers blender crashes after a render. removing the drivers fixed it (but now i can’t change my screen gamma) so does anyone know either a way to set the screen gamma without the nvidia setup thing (which my old drivers dont have) or what needs turning off in the new drivers to make it work?


(Millhouse) #2

You need to go back to the nividia site and download the detonator drivers i have them and i use a gforce2 gts LE 64Mb DDR and have no problems, it also could be your OS or actual PC RAM try closing some of the programs in you taskbar it can help alot.
Either that or you can become aggresive and attack your computer with your mouse (not a good idea)